Pre-school/School search and education.

When relocating to a new country as a family with children, education for the children is always crucial. Finding the right pre-school or elementary school is one of the most important keys to create convenient everyday routines for the family. To ensure that everything goes smooth, you can contract Nordic Relocation Group for your pre-school/school search.

By Swedish law children from the age of 6 years have the right to free education until the 9th grade, this law only applies for public schools in Sweden.

Our pre-school/school service focuses on assisting with applications and helping you navigate the different options available in the area close to your new home. We follow up on your applications and can help you book personal visits to the school.

Depending on where in Sweden you relocate to, there may be limitations to what type of schools you can choose. By using our service, you can benefit from our consultants´ local expertise in evaluating the best setup for your family.

For smaller cities you normally only have the public Swedish schools as an education option. In larger cities you often have at least one or two international private schools to consider.

Private international schools in Sweden charge a tuition fee that can vary a lot depending on the school you wish to apply to.

Some international schools are governed by the municipality and are therefore free of charge. Most of them are bilingual and they follow the Swedish curriculum.

For younger children (age 1-5 years) the municipality offers day-care service. Usually you can only apply once you and your child have received a Swedish personal number.

On average, it takes about 1-3 months after submitting the day-care application before the municipality offers a placement for your child.

Day-care in Sweden is subsidised by the government, the maximum you need to pay for this service to the municipality is 1.510 SEK/month (2021). Since most international pre-schools have a waiting list up to 2-3 years, it’s rarely an option for expats.