“A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of hopes and dreams.”

One of the keys to settling in well in a new country is finding the right home.

For expats moving to Sweden, this is where they sometimes might find themselves struggling. Not only is the housing market and the rental law in Sweden difficult to grasp, for decades the market has also had a very limited numbers of available rental properties. Therefore, one of our most popular services is our Home Finding service.

When initiating the service we will set up a call where our consultant will give valuable information about the rental market at the destination, explaining the challenging Swedish rental market, different type of properties, what is included in the lease, how the lease is set up and much more.

The most important part of the call is of course listening to the customer, to their needs, wishes and expectations. Based on information gathered from a housing questionnaire and the call, the consultant will start scanning the rental market. As one of the most experienced Relocation Companies in Sweden, Nordic Relocation Group have an extensive network and well-established relationships with many property owners and landlords.

We will start the home finding service by sharing property information and book viewings. If the employee is already in Sweden, we will take the employee on viewings to see the properties and talk about the residential area in question. If the employee is still abroad, we will present the properties via email with as much information and photos as possible. Today many viewings are also conducted with modern tools were we share it by video in real time. The consultant will always negotiate the terms of the lease in order to make the best possible deal for the employee.

Once a property is secured on the Swedish rental market we will assist with drafting the lease agreement to make sure it complies with Swedish law. We will also inform both landlord and tenant of their legal rights and obligations.

Before moving in, the consultant will conduct a move in inspection, take photos and make notes of the condition. This will be compiled in an electronic inspection protocol, which will be shared with both parties.

Here are a few valuable tips to a successful Home Finding service:

–   Keep an open mind – Nordic Relocation Group will do our utmost to meet your expectations as best as we can although the housing market has limited options.

–    Decide what search criteria are most important in a property to increase your interest.

–   To maximize your chances of getting the property of your preference, make sure you let your consultant know as soon as possible after viewing the properties. Good properties go quickly.

When relocating to Sweden, you are very welcome to contact us directly to get more information.

Nordic Relocation Group look forward to helping you or your employee to secure the right home, a happy place in which to dwell.

Välkommen hem!