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June 25 2018


Sommarlov – school’s out!

What an amazingly warm start of the Swedish summer we’ve had! The month of May has offered temperatures never before recorded!

During the summer months, June to August, the beaches and parks are filled with happy children enjoying their summer break, in Swedish called ‘Sommarlov’. Life in Sweden slows down as many offices close or aren’t working at full speed as many of their employees have taken some weeks off. Schools begin their autumn term in August.

Nyhetsbrev 2_2018

April 19 2018


Winter is over – does your car have the right tyres?
Yes, it’s official! Several media published the great news that Spring finally has come to Sweden – at least to most parts of the country. If you haven’t changed to summer or allround tyres yet, you might want to read this:

June 20 2017


Summer greetings!
We’ve reached the time of the year where the days are the longest and where it doesn’t get completely dark. Soon, you may leave on a well-deserved summer break, and maybe you have planned to explore an undiscovered part of Sweden.
Nyhetsbrev 1_2017

December 19 2016


We are already half way December and 2017 is fast approaching! Maybe you have used some of this busy month baking ’lussebullar’, attented Lucia celebrations at the school or local organisations, cut your own Christmas tree, or you are simply looking forward to the days getting longer. In this busy month, time might be sparse, but here are some tips about some Holiday activities in and around the major cities.

Newsletter 3

November 2 2016

Nordic Relocation Group successfully ISO 9001:2015 certified

Nordic Relocation Group, the first Swedish relocation company that holds both ISO9001 and the EuRA Global Quality Seal (GQS). Has successfully, as the first Swedish relocation company, passed the new ISO9001:2015 standard certification audit in September. Nordic Relocation Group holds the ISO 9001 certificate since 2014. The EuRA GQS audit was passed in 2008 and has successfully been renewed since then.

October 13 2016


We hope you have enjoyed summer and are fully charged to meet the beautiful
autumn with spectacular colours and hopefully still a lot of sunshine. Maybe you
have already been out mushroom hunting, and if not – it’s still not too late. The
internet has an abundance of websites that give you a good introduction to or
advice on mushroom picking. You can also download one of the specific apps on
your smartphone and learn more about the do’s and dont’s when you are in the
forest. We recommend ’Svampguiden’ which is available on most mobile devices.

Five new colleagues have joined the Nordic Relation Group Team
This summer, two new colleagues joined our Stockholm office, and in the beginning
of September, two new colleagues joined our Gothenburg Office. Furthermore,
Nordic Relation Group has established an office in Jönköping where our

Newsletter 2

September 28 2016

Nordic Relocation Group opens new office in Jönköping

Nordic Relocation is growing and recently opened a new office in Jönköping to take on the increasing number of customers relocating staff to this region.

June 21 2016

Banknotes that will be invalid after 30 June 2016

Below are pictures of three banknotes that will be invalid after 30 June 2016.  If you want to read more in detail follow this link




March 24 2016


Spring is here! As days are getting longer and traces of snow are long gone, both
plants and people are starting to bloom and Easter Holiday is just around the
corner. And at the end of April, it is time for the traditional Walpurgis Night, where
nearly every village will light bonfires at dusk and celebrate the arrival of spring.
While in other countries Easter is specifically a religious holiday, it has become
a secular one in Sweden.

You might see children dressed up as Easter witches
(“påskkärringar” or “påskgubbar”). They dress up in discarded clothes, gaily
coloured headscarves and red-painted cheeks and go from house to house in the
neighbourhood and present the occupants with drawings in the hope of getting
sweets in return. Also, it is common for children to go egg hunting at home

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January 28 2016

Nordic Relocation Group moves to new office in Gothenburg

Due to business growth Nordic Relocation Group has moved its office in Gothenburg to Frölunda Torg. Frölunda Torg is easily accessible through public transport or by car. We selected Frölunda Torg based on easy access to our office and to several authorities such as tax authorities (Skatteverket) and social insurance agency (Försäkringskassan) among a few. It’s also one of Gothenburg’s larger indoor shopping malls with about 150 different shops, restaurants and coffee shops.