Nordic Relocation Group’s commitment to our clients during the ongoing pandemic

We are certainly going through extraordinary times with the threat of Covid-19 interrupting people’s day-to-day life on all continents. I cannot remember facing a challenge of this magnitude before. Our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones in the battle against the novel Corona virus.

I am humbled, proud, amazed and inspired by the team at Nordic Relocation Group. Their dedication to our clients and to others suffering has reinforced what I know so well… Our team is amazing.

As a company, we are keeping a close eye on the financial impact the virus is having on us. When needed, we will gratefully welcome the aid the Swedish Government is offering Swedish companies. We have plans in place on how to serve our clients in the best way if our company sees the need to go into semi-hibernation for a period of time. This might be necessary in order to avoid redundancies.

Please rest assured that all offices have been and will be staffed Monday to Friday 9am till 5pm. An inconveniency might be that our team will be working part-time. But all emails will be answered within one working day.
The management team follow and implement all restrictions sent out by the Swedish Public Health Agency. Among the restrictions are the following:

• All unnecessary travel is banned
• All who can work from home may do so
• Weekly staff and other meetings are held via our tele-conferencing system
• Every customer meeting is properly planned to minimise direct contact between people

Nordic Relocation Group have a variety of competencies in our workforce. Management has agreed to let those who wish to take leave of absence, in pursuing voluntary work within their communities, to do so.
What we are facing is unique and being able to plan is almost impossible. But rest assured, when this is over, we will be ready to step up the pace again to help Sweden and our corporate clients rebuilding commercial stability.

Stay safe!
Åse Löfgren Gunsten
CEO at Nordic Relocation Group