New model for work permits starts on January 29

On January 29 The Swedish Migration Agency has launched the new model in order to streamline the work permit application process and reduce processing times.

Key Implementation Steps:

  1. Revamped Application Sorting: The Swedish Migration Agency is introducing a new method for sorting work permit applications. This system categorizes applications based on occupation and industry, facilitating prioritized processing for employers seeking highly qualified talent.
  2. Expanded Employer Services: Employers engaging highly qualified labor can expect increased support services. The Agency is committed to providing enhanced assistance, ensuring a more efficient and smoother recruitment process.
  3. Improved Information and Services: A focus on user-friendly e-services and improved information dissemination is part of the Agency’s strategy. This aims to simplify the experience for both employers and employees involved in the recruitment process.


Efficiency in Decision-Making:

  • The new application sorting method does not alter the work permit requirements but is designed to offer additional services to employers recruiting highly qualified workers. This approach is intended to facilitate quick decisions on complete applications within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Applications from highly qualified workers that do not require supplementation will be processed within 30 days, reflecting a commitment to timely and efficient processing.

In summary, the Swedish Migration Agency’s fact-based approach is geared towards optimizing processes for employers seeking highly skilled professionals, with a focus on clarity, efficiency, and timely decision-making.


How do we assist?

  • Expert guidance & support
  • Advise on process, requirements & cases
  • Ensure complete & correct submissions for fastest processing

We at Nordic Relocation know that a smooth and positive immigration experience is a first step towards a seamless assimilation in your new home country.

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