Update from the Swedish Migration Agency, New immigration law from June 1st, 2022:

Changes to new applications:

– Employment contract shall be submitted together with application. Hence – important that it is signed after the required advertising time period.
– Must have information about all occupational insurances (long term illness, life, occupational injury and pension) or collective bargaining agreement in place.
– Other information in contract: salary, expected start date, form of employment, part/full time, other employment aspects.
– If the employment contract stipulates a 6 month probabation period it is highly likely that the permit will only be issued for this period – creating issues with acquiring a personal number, setting up occupational insurances and for certain nationals setting up a bank account.
– Very important that any probabtion period mentioned does not state a start and end date, just the time from the final start date; start date depending on permit approval.

Stricter requirement that the employee can support him/herself and any family members as well as paying rent for a home. This means the Migration Agency will look more thoroughly on the salary level, not only that it is according to the business practice/collective agreement levels.

No limit on number of time limited permits.

A possibility to apply for a visa during a pending application process will be possible from within Sweden – to enable travelling during an application process.

It will be possible to keep social benefits such as child grant/barnbidrag while there is a pending application even if old permit has expired.

Employer is required to report changes in the employment – especially when they are worse. Failure to do so will lead to fines.

Cancellation of family members’ permits will be possible.

Less strict requirement to cancel a permit where current law strictly requires it; arrival more than 4 months after permit validity date (as long as the reason is good enough), smaller mistakes in regards to insurances etc.

A new permit type will also be introduced for highly skilled individuals who can apply for a job seeking permit with up to 9 months validity. The individuals must themselves apply for this in their home country.

A change of status application can be made from within Sweden if the individual finds employment.