Flexibility and the ability to adapt to new realities have become more and more important over the last few years. Despite all the difficult challenges during the past couple of years, Nordic Relocation have managed to develop and grow as a company.

Amazingly, thanks to our reputation on the global mobility market, we have had more and more clients requesting our services when the market should have been slowing down.

Our growth numbers have risen to 20% on a national level and 40% in the Stockholm region!

To meet the higher demand for our services, we have, in 2021, hired and introduced over 12 new team members in the Stockholm office only. With successful recruitments to our already great service teams in Sweden, we can comfortably say that we stand stronger than ever and are ready to welcome even more new clients.

We are happy to introduce some of our new team members that help us to deliver the high quality services that we are so proud of here at Nordic Relocation Group.

Welcome to the family Ebba Fernholm, Mari Göransson, Nicole Sjönell, Filippa af Burén, Lærke Holm Nygaard, Emily Netzell, Marcia Alvarez, Hanah Zavahir (from left to right), absent Agneta Fröjdh, Pernilla Allbäck.