Nordic Relocation Group completes its ‘moving hattrick’

Earlier this month, Nordic Relocation Group opened its new office at Berzeliigatan 21/Hedåsgatan 18 in Gothenburg. Following our Stockholm office move in December 2019 and our Lund office move in February 2020, Nordic Relocation Group completes its ‘moving hattrick’ with new, strategic office locations in Sweden’s three biggest cities. We look forward to welcoming all our partners, customers, and clients at our new office addresses.

Summer times

Schools are out, nights are short, and holidays are calling – For many Swedes, Midsummer marks the beginning of summer holidays. Traditionally, the general industry holidays are in the month of July, and even though employees’ holidays are more spread out today, July remains the most popular holiday month.

During the summer, you can expect longer processing times with authorities like Försäkringskassan, Migrationsverket, and Skatteverket, so we kindly advise our customers to prepare any work permit extension application, tax registration documents, etc. well in advance. Furthermore, due to the ongoing pandemic, some companies still have short-time working arrangements (Swedish: korttidsarbete) and might run on reduced staff.

Nordic Relocation Group’s offices remain open all summer, and we are happy to assist you during our business hours, Monday-Friday from 9am till 5pm.

Re-open EU

Even though many EU member states are gradually re-opening their country (and borders), there are still a number of restrictions to take into account when travelling within or between EU countries. The EU has launched a web site, Re-open EU, which provides both general information about each member state and specific information regarding travel, health and safety, and services.